Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2016

Flying FOOLZ Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2016 at Coyote Rojo

Attendees: Jim & Pat Connell, Steve Flynn, Karen (Peaches) Jones, Roger Evans, Vic Chewning, Laura (and Wade) & Tim Williams, Steve Bensinger & Sue Vartanian

Meeting called to order 7:40pm.

Treasurer Report from Vic – Due to a $200 donation from the Ocala Aero Club which covered our costs, Young Eagles Day made a $29 profit.

FOOLZ annual club membership dues ($12) and EAA membership numbers should be given to Vic Chewning (as Roger did). [Make checks payable to EAA Chapter 1489. There are also memberships for Associate (not an EAA member, not allowed to vote, $12 annual dues) and Youth (associate member under 18, Young Eagle/student pilot, $5 annual dues).]

Young Eagles' event – Peaches reported that 25 Young Eagles flew on February 20thth. She has specific reports for each pilot if anyone is interested. We agreed that the day went better than our previous YE Days. She wondered if there should be more promotion of our Youth scholarship. Jim thought one girl was a good candidate for the scholarship. Would we allow applications from other counties? The application states that the winner must join our club and participate in its activities. Motion was made to allow “repeat” Young Eagles to register for the next event. Discussed whether or not club was going have another event. There are still issues with the EAA background checks although some concessions have been made (not requiring Social Security Number, for example). Would it be worthwhile to have an event outside of the EAA's Young Eagle program? The EAA provides insurance, marketing and “cachet”. The club decided to defer the question about whether or not to have another Young Eagles event. However, the club chose September 24 as the event date (if we have one). The YE committee agreed that they would need two months' notice to advertise to the community and to get pilot volunteers, so the club needs to make a decision at the July 9th club meeting.

Steve B. has rebuilt the website since the old software died and destroyed the site in the process. The club treasury has reimbursed half of the software's cost ($35). “Photoz” from the Young Eagles events are posted there.

The club offers its condolences to former neighbor and FOOLZ member Sam Blomberg on the passing of his wife Pam last month. Pam was also Dudley Cullum's aunt. The club sent flowers and a small gift (thanks to Marilyn Page).

Meeting adjourned 8:32 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12th 7pm at Beef O'Brady's.

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