Meeting Minutes, August 9, 2016

Flying FOOLZ Notes

August 9, 2016 Beef O' Brady's

Attendees: Karen (Peaches) Jones, Bill & Karen Sharpe, Deb Beach & Curt Morehouse, Jim Fry (owns Cougar), and Steve Bensinger & Sue Vartanian

Since there was such a small group and no new business to discuss, we did not have an official meeting.

The Flynns were returning from their lobster hunt in the Keys. The bank balance is unchanged (still $4432.71). Our next meeting will be at Rojo. (I won't be there; I'll be on my way to a badminton tournament in Estero.) We'll be having a breakfast fly-in in September (see below) and Steve has printed postcards for distribution.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13th 7pm at  Beef O'Brady's.

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