Meeting Minutes, October 10, 2017

Flying FOOLZ Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017 at Beef O’Brady’s

Attendees: Steve & Barb Flynn, Karen (Peaches) Jones, Curt Morehouse & Deb Beach, Bill & Karen Sharpe, Jim & Pat Connell, Dudley Cullum, Rusty Schwartzfager, and Steph Bensinger & Sue Vartanian

Meeting called to order 7:07pm.

July Minutes approved as written. (August and September meetings were cancelled.)

Treasurer Report  Vic Chewning (via e-mail) (no changes since July)

  • The club assets are $15,263.60
  • $11,829.01 is designated for scholarships
    • $5233.90 committed for scholarships this year
      • Rusty Swartzfager for an advanced rating scholarship (Instrument) in the amount of $2,748.90 (33% of $8,330) to be applied toward an instrument rating.
      • Michael Jenkins for an advanced rating scholarship (Instrument) in the amount of $2,475 (33% of $7,500) to be applied toward an instrument rating.
    • $6605.11 available for future scholarships
      • added $57.58 from Pampered Chef fund-raiser in May
  • $3351.59 is for operating expenses
    • Reimbursed Peaches for March Fly-in expense (original check was lost)
    • Renewed domain name for FOOLZ website

Old business:

  • Scholarship Committee – Deb Beach
    • Had meeting 8/8/2017 via e-mail.
    • Developed verfication form for instructors of scholarship winners to claim funds.
    • Payments will be alloted at designated times during the instruction period.
    • For further details contact Deb or Barb.

New Business/Announcements

  • Elections:
    • Due to cancelled August and September meetings, we are behind schedule for electing Officers and Directors of this EAA chapter. Current officers are:
      • President Steph Bensinger
      • Vice President Pat Connell
      • Secretary Sue Vartanian
      • Treasurer Vic Chewning
      • Directors (3): Steve Flynn, Barb Flynn, Bill Sharpe
    • Need nominating committee.
    • Volunteers for Nominating committee are: 
      • Jim Connell
      • Rusty Schwartzfager
      • Bill Sharpe
    • Would like to have list of nominees by October 28th Fly-in so that names can be posted on the bulletin board.
    • Election will be at November 14th meeting.
  • December 9th Connell’s 50th Celebration:
    • The Connells have invited the FOOLZ and a crowd of friends and family to join them in their hangar at Connell’s Wahoo on Saturday, December 9thfrom 2:00pm to 5:00pm for a fully-catered celebration of their 50thwedding anniversary.
    • This will replace the FOOLZ December meeting? (12/12 at Beef’s?)
  • Upcoming fly-ins:
    • Our October 28th fly-in is the same week-end as AOPA at Peter O’Knight airport, FL Aero Meeting, Bob White lunch.
    • October 14th – Astronaut Nicole Stott will be the guest speaker at a meeting somewhere
    • October 20-22 – SERFI in Greenwood AL
    • November 2-4 – Deland Showcase
    • November 4 – Love’s Landing (at intersection of runways)
  • Should we have another FOOLZ fly-in after January?
    • Suggested date is March 31st
    • Will discuss at next meeting(s)

Meeting adjourned 7:38 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14th 7pm at Coyote Rojo.

Future Fly-Ins (from website with calendar):

  • October 28, 2017 8:30-10:30am at Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)
  • January 27, 2018 8:30-10:30am at Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)
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