Meeting Minutes, August 11, 2015

Flying FOOLZ Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2015 Beef O'Brady's

Attendees: Bill & Karen Sharpe, Karen (Peaches) Jones, Dan Reynolds, Steve & Barb Flynn, Deb Beach & Curt Morehouse, Steve Bensinger & Sue Vartanian

[My thanks to Peaches who took notes.]

Meeting called to order 7:34pm.

Treasurer Report – The club bank account currently has $5026.45.

New chairs – Discussed getting new chairs to replace the old, blue, donated chairs that we have used for the past several years of fly-ins. Also discussed groups that may be able to use our old chairs. 

Scholarship application – Barb presented draft copies of the scholarship application that she, Peaches and Sue put together. Motion made and passed to accept the application with minor edits. We will need a committee to review the applications and to choose the scholar(s). Barb would like to be on the committee, but not as chairman. 

Young Eagles – The club's Young Eagles event September 26th will be now hosted by the Flynns. Peaches asked for volunteers to help with the kids and lunch. [The event announcement is posted on the website.]

Barb and Dan discussed how to create certificates for the Young Eagles and have them signed by the pilot.

Nominating Committee for Club Officers – According to our by-laws, we need to have a nominating committee of 3 members in September so that it may present the list of nominees in October. Elections are held in November. Each officer is elected for a 2-year term. All club officers and 3 directors are up for election this year.

  • President Steve Bensinger
  • Vice President Pat Connell
  • Secretary Sue Vartanian
  • Treasurer Steve Bensinger
  • Director Steve Flynn
  • Director Barb Flynn
  • Director Bill Sharpe

Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th 7pm at Coyote Rojo.

Young Eagles Day September 26th, 2015 8:30am-1pm at Flynns' - Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)

Future Fly-Ins (from website with calendar):

October 31st, 2015 9:00-10:30 AM at Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)

January 30th, 2016 9:00-11:00 AM at Flying W Air Ranch (9FL1)

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