EAA Chapter 1489, Inc. Organizing Meeting Minutes, November 14, 2016

EAA Chapter 1489, Inc. Organizing Meeting
Board of Directors and Members Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2016

I. Board of Directors - The Board of Directors present for the Organizing Meeting of EAA Chapter 1489, Inc.(the Corporation) were Stephen Bensinger, Patricia Connell, Susan Vartanian, Victor Chewning, Steven Flynn, Barbara Flynn(by proxy) and William Sharpe.

II. Acceptance of Articles of Incorporation - Victor Chewning presented the Articles of Incorporation and it was agreed unanimously to approve and accept the Articles as presented and submit same to the State of Florida as the organizing document for the Corporation.

III.Acceptance of Members - The Board of Directors voted unanimously to establish the Board members and all attendees having membership in the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. national organization as members of EAA Chapter 1489, Inc.(the Membership).

IV.Establishment of Bylaws - Victor Chewning presented Bylaws for the Corporation and the Membership voted unanimously to adopt the presented Bylaws as the Bylaws of the Corporation.

V. Officer Elections - Victor Chewning nominated the following members to serve as Officers of the Corporation for a term of one year.

President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer

Stephen Bensinger Patricia Connell

Susan Vartanian Victor Chewning

The membership voted unanimously to elect the nominees to the listed positions VI.Adjournment - Having no other business, the membership voted to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Vartanian - Secretary 

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